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As a professional pilot for over 12 years

As a professional pilot for over 12 years, I've often seen people standing at the airport fence taking pictures as I was taking off or landing. I always wished there was some way to get a copy of those pictures. Bringing that idea together with my love of flying and photography led me to create Precision Approach Photography.

If you just stumbled upon this page, please take a moment to look around. I hope that some of these pictures inspire you to take up flying. If you're here looking for a picture I captured of you or your plane taking flight, this link will take you right to my recent airport pictures. You can also search via your N-number or aircraft type. If you're looking for a commercial flight that you were flying, you can enter the flight number, company name, or go here to see the galleries separated by company. No spaces or hyphens needed, Ex. 9269 or CRJ200.

If you'd like me to capture a high quality picture of you while you're flying, please contact me and I'll do my best to work around your schedule.